Faster and Better Decisions with Data.


Data Analysis. Dashboarding. Consulting.

Marketing Data

Digital marketing has long held the promise of knowing more about your consumer, eliminating waste in your budget and attributing your efforts to your results.  We help fulfill that promise by taking a long look at what you can know and what you should know by connecting your data and helping you see and understand how it works together.  As digital campaigns and your revenue centers grow and change, so does the complexity. That’s where we come in. 

  • Data Connecting
  • Dashboarding
  • Campaign Measurement
  • Presenting and Analyzing Campaign Results
  • Marketing Strategy 
  • Benchmarking


Demystifying your data into something everyone in your organization can use is an analytical and creative process.  We make beautiful tools that invite exploration and understanding.  But beyond that we help your organization get to answers it needs through the data it has.  Don't let your data sit in silos and spreadsheets when it can be shared and understood.

  • Real Time Data Access
  • Data Security and Control
  • Blending and Combining Data Sources
  • Interactive Analytical Tools

Business Strategy

The easiest way to waste time and money is to not have a clear path and clear objectives set out.  Deciding what markets to pursue, knowing your true customer and their preferences, and understanding where those consumers are spending their time, attention, and money are just some of the strategic questions we can help answer. Before you jump into your tactical planning, give us a call to make sure you are pointed in the right direction.  

  • Market Analysis
  • Consumer Research
  • Strategy Development
  • Measurement Strategy
  • Competitive Analysis

Real Time Data Access

Building data visualization and analysis tools with real-time updates and access is the core of what we do.  To be able to make faster, better, smarter decisions requires gathering your information into a format where connections can be made, visualized, and explained.  It doesn't do you much good to know months after the fact why something happened when you could know sooner and influence the outcome.  We help you get there.

  • Connected and Blended Data
  • Data Interactivity
  • Data Cleaning and Restructuring
  • Security and Control
  • Fast Analytics


We've been in the trenches of digital media, tracking, counting, and diagnosing campaigns.  We've seen the underside of digital campaigns and can offer guidance to help you avoid digital fraud and get results whether you are focused on branding or conversions.  And because we don't buy media or produce creative we only have an interest in your business and your results.

  • Data Connecting
  • Measurement Strategy
  • Fraud and Efficiency Analysis
  • Attribution
  • Tagging and Tracking Strategy
  • Conversion measurement and ROAS
  • Real Time Metrics

Data Presentation

There is an art and science to data analysis, and we can make it come alive and be understood by you and your constituents.  We have given talks and presented to boards across the country and are well versed in taking complex stories and making them digestible, understandable, enlightening, and even fun.  Sometimes bringing in someone from outside your organization help tell your story is as valuable as the story itself.

  • In Person or Digital Presentation
  • Thoughtful and Insightful
  • Board Meetings, Conferences, Conventions


Past Work



Taos Ski Valley

Ski Oregon

Mt Bachelor

Sun Valley Resort

Sun Peaks




Travel Oregon

Breckenridge Tourism

Visit Florida

Hawaii Tourism Authority

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Data and Examples

Social Media Data Analysis

Summer Instagram Content Analysis: Select Ski Areas

Skier Visits Interactive Dashboard

An Interactive Dashboard Allowing for a Quick Understanding of Skier Visits Using Demonstration Data.  This Dashboard Can Connect in Real Time to Scan Databases Allowing For Real-Time Analysis and Sharing.


Air Passenger Volumes to Mountain Destinations

An exploration of paired relationships using data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics to explore how demand and traffic patterns differ among mountain west airports.



Ski Magazine Resort Rankings and data

We paired an online source of ski area data with the 2017 Ski Magazine Resort Rankings in an interactive dashboard.  The conclusion: altitude is everything and there isn't much you can do to get more vertical.