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About DriftLine

Charting a course.

What is DriftLine?

River runners, rafters, and fisherman are all keenly aware of the Drift.  It is the current and direction the water is moving.  It is where your boat or your fly will go if you don't tend to it.  The Drift is the world moving around you and your organization. 

And the Line?  That's the impetus you put into charting your own path.  Navigating the rapids or putting your fly into the right pockets of water.  The Line is the set of choices and actions you take to get to your goals. 

DriftLine is an agency whose purpose is the help you navigate through the ever changing world, using the best tools available to make the best decisions faster than your competitors and faster than the shifting currents.

DriftLine was founded in 2016 in Carbondale, Colorado out of the observation that organizations could be made stronger through better knowledge and a more careful application of data and research. 


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We know that most projects are unique to the challenges an organization faces.  There aren't simply off-the-shelf solutions.  Finding the right team to help you navigate your strategic challenges is not a choice not to be taken lightly. That’s why we are happy to talk through your needs.  Call us any time, for free, and we work through the scope of your goals, our skills and your budget to see how we can help.

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Colin Cares

Colin has been a national champion mountain biker, is a fisherman, ski mountaineer, and a data expert.  Building dashboards, understanding the ins and outs of data and marketing and never backing down from a challenge are hallmarks of his work.  Colin's strengths lie in understanding a problem all the way to its core and working up from there to address the problem and look for solutions.  His experience surveying consumers, building reports and dashboards for clients, and augmenting client data with external resources make Colin a strategic thinker able to help any organization set a new path.



Colorado College



• RRC Associates
• Backbone Media
• Roaring Fork Conservancy




Scott Warren

With experience in applied economics, tourism marketing and the ski industry, Scott takes the long view on data - looking for appropriate applications to move organizations forward.  Able to go into the weeds and details of data collection, cleaning, and management, Scott is also able to see the larger picture and work toward solving intractable problems through research and data techniques.  His experience working in the ski industry, for one of the premier hotel data companies, and for one of the top destination marketing organizations has allowed him to hone the art and science of applying data to marketing and business problems.



University of California, Davis
MS, Agricultural and Resource Economics

University of Puget Sound
B.A., International Political Economy


• Travel Oregon
• Taos Ski Valley
• RRC Associates
• STR, Inc.


• Mercury Award - best integrated Marketing Campaign, Travel Oregon
• NSAA Marketing Campaign of the Year, Taos Ski Valley
• Colorado Tourism Marketing Campaign of the Year, Visit Estes Park
• STR, Inc.